Corporate Social Responsibility

Aquamotion - Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


Aquamotion was established in 2007. 


We communicate this policy to our staff, customers and suppliers by means of our company website and through our staff induction programme.

Responsibility and Review

We are fully committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability. In line with that commitment we actively encourage all staff members who have serious concerns regarding any drop in ethical standard to report them using our confidential phoneline. All of our locations display the confidential phoneline poster in a prominent place which is accessible to all staff. We are committed to ensuring our policy remains effective. As part of our ongoing commitment, this policy is reviewed on an annual basis to verify its effective operation.

Our CSR Principles

Our Conduct

We actively promote respect between staff members in dealings with each other, clients and other third parties. This is outlined in our Business Ethics Standard Practice Instruction which states that The Company’s affairs will be conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards of honesty, fairness and openness.

Our Employees

We recognise that our staff are our most important resource. We ensure that all staff have access to the training they need both for their own development and to enable them to deliver a high-quality service. As part of the induction process we identify an employee’s training needs, arrange appropriate training and agree a date for these to be completed by. The company’s operational best and required practices are documented in comprehensive Standard Practice Instructions, Work Instructions and Control Procedures. We maintain a staff handbook which sets out the rights and expectations of all members of staff. We consider all staff members to be equal and maintain an Equal Opportunities Policy.

Local Communities

In considering our impact on the community we have resolved to sponsor or otherwise support local charities. Staff are involved with suggesting local charities to be supported: ad hoc donations to be made. Chosen charities are personal to our business. Some staff actively support charities on a personal basis and may engage in voluntary work in their own time.

Our Clients / Customers

Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers, suppliers and the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency, integrity and honesty. A quality assured service is priority.


Our transactions with suppliers will be conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards of honesty, fairness and openness. We endeavour to enter into clear and fair contracts with our suppliers and commit to the timely settlement of suppliers’ invoices. We acknowledge the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency through our supplier approval process in line with our quality management system processes.

Health, Safety and Environmental

We actively promote occupational health, safety, welfare and environmental measures in all our day to day business processes. We take care to ensure that none of our activities cause harm to individuals or to the local environment. Managing business activities to ensure full compliance to our occupational health and safety and environmental management systems. We will do everything that is reasonable practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of both out employees and any other person affected by our activities or products. We are committed to the continual improvement and annual review of our integrated management system for our occupational health safety and environmental performance.

This policy shall be implemented and maintained through the following key company policies

  • Business Ethics
  • Company Staff Handbook
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking
  • Environmental Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy

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